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RICH has cooperated with many petrol logger instrument manufacturers and oilfield corporations, which including China Petrol Log Co(CPL), China Oil Corporation(COSL), 22-nd institute of Xinxiang, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, Sinopec Great Victory, Daqing Oilfield Logging Research Institute and Beijing Ring Company. The three kinds of high temperature (175℃, 200℃, 260℃)
pressurized composite insulating product have widely used in different parts of petrol logger composite insulating product, and contribute to the localization of China petrol logger instrument area.
Xi'an Yongxing Science Technology Development Co., Ltd founded in 2001. It is an comprehensive company incorporating R&D, manufacturing, processing(OEM), international trade and service coherent whole, orienting to petroleum, petrifaction, electric power, environmental project, clean energy, ect industries. It has the RICH oil well logging business division, advanced composite insulating material business division, Wish electric power business division, Huili petro-chemical auxiliaries business division and Zhiyuan import-export international trading division. It located in No.2 9th South road Caotan industrial zone, xi'an China, has th...
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  oil well logging composite insulation tube
  oil well logging composite insulation bar(frp rod
  bond application of insulators & metal fitting
  insulators' process and application
  petrol logging calibration series products
  tri-layered tube series products
  composite material type series products
  rubber plate series products
  fiber optic cable core
  dust colletor used insulation shaft
  rubber without magnetic centralizer
  cementing rubber plug
  heatproof lithium battery housing for oil well lo
  macromolecule high polymer side striking insulato
  insulation column for electric furnace
  to be drilled by pdc drilling bit or rock bit
  stratum tester frp fender
  fiberglass sucker rod
  glass fiber pipe tank
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