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High temperature compression composite insulator tubes for Oil well logging instruments

1、All impregnating process is performed at vacuum to ensure a high density(≥2.0g/cm3), high gas-tightness and superior insulation performance of produce.
2、All raw materials of high temperature pressurized insulating tube special for petrol loggerinstrument are imported ,with quality higher than that of domestic counterparts.
3、Abrasive-resistant nano-metric material is introduced in high-temperature resistant resincompound for keeping outer surface of tube free of wear at long time contact with well wall and extending logging insruments lifetime.
4、Thermo-resistant resin is used to ensure all performance free of degradation at 260℃(175℃)、170Mpa(140Mpa) to meet service conditions。
5、High acid-resistant composition is used in production to ensure longtime corrosion-resistant ability of tubes at high temperature and acid medium(H2S、SO2)under the well.
6、Capable to make metallic processing such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, b[ring and screwing, no layer, scrap, crack may occur and with satisfactory roughness on finished surface

1、Density: ≥2.0g/cm3;
2、Porosity: ≤0.1%;
3、Corrosion resistance:
   No crack, pore, corrosion appears after soaking in 1N nitric acid for 100h.
   Normal surface appearance at 200℃ and resistance of ≥300MΩ,
   Normal surface appearance at 240℃ and resistance of ≥200MΩ,
5、Thermo-resistant 175℃(240℃),pressurized at  140MPa(170MPa),      insulation resistance ≥500MΩ(200MΩ)。


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